Welcome to Confessions of a Dietitian – a place where health conscious people talk about food. This review driven web site provides an easy and effective way for wellness professionals to collectively review food products and share this information across the nutrition community. It is dedicated to reviewing food products from a health standpoint by key influencers in nutrition and health.

It’s also a way for wellness professionals to share practical cooking tips and recipe ideas with the nutrition community and health-conscious consumers.

There are 3 different sections that each focus on a certain aspect:

Product reviews

This section is where wellness professionals will have an opportunity to review products that are receiving a lot of buzz and media attention.

We coordinate the delivery of products into the hands of reviewers so they can actually try the products, post a review on it and share the information with the community.


Studies have shown that the more you cook, the better you eat. But cooking can be overwhelming for the starter cook or if you’re pressed for time. This is where we help to bridge the gap by featuring convenience products against their homemade counterparts.

Sometimes it takes just as much time to prepare something out of a box as it does to make it from scratch. Other times, a convenience version may be a good alternative. It really depends on the individual and their particular situation. This section gives people the ability to try convenience foods (we all have to start somewhere) with the option of trying to make the homemade/from scratch equivalent (recipes and instructions are provided). Do you enjoy making things from scratch? Or do you usually just open a can? Or are you somewhere in between? This will let you figure out what works for you. But either way, it’s a great opportunity to spend time in the kitchen and try out products that might be a good shortcut.

We also feature healthier version cook-offs (where you take a classic recipe and put it up against a healthier version).

Secret ingredient missions

This is for the culinary adventurous who are interested in trying new foods and uncommon ingredients. We feature unfamiliar foods (e.g. endive, asparagus, beets, leeks, Brussels sprouts, artichokes, quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, cauliflower) to encourage people to cook with it. Individuals have to incorporate the ingredient in a dish during a 14 day period and share how they used it, what recipe they used and their overall thoughts.

Not all of us eat the same things so it’s a great opportunity to share your knowledge and familiarity of an ingredient with others (or push yourself outside of your comfort zone and try something new).