Omega Crunch flax topping

I’ve sent out chia seeds and hemp seeds through my product review club previously so I’m very excited to be able to complete the trilogy and send out flax seeds – probably the most common one out of all of them.

Flax seeds gained popularity by being a plant based source of omega-3 fatty acids. There are brown flax seeds, golden flax seeds and flax seed oil. Flax seeds are often sold whole or ground. They need to be ground up before eating otherwise they pass through mostly undigested.

However, there is a product called Omega Crunch which are shelled flax seeds. They are available in a shaker bottle making it an easy way to add flax seeds to your meals. Because they are shelled, you don’t even need to grind them up – just sprinkle and use in your favourite recipes and enjoy.

Omega Crunch can be found in health food stores, some grocery stores and online. A 175 g shaker bottle retails for approximately $9.95. They come in a variety of flavours.

We sent out samples of the following flavours of Omega Crunch Flax Toppings to members of the product review club: Regular flax, Roasted Garlic, Roasted Maple and Sweet Cinnamon.


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Have you tried Omega Crunch Flax Topping? How did you use it? What did you think of it?

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