SodaStream – sparkling water maker

I am seeing these SodaStream sparkling water makers everywhere these days!

SodaStream promotes itself as a company that makes water exciting – encouraging you to drink more water by making water fun while being sustainable. The water it makes is just as good as the sparkling water you would buy and you can make whatever drinks and cocktails you want.

The SodaStream Play retails for $99.99, is super easy to operate and doesn’t require any electricity or batteries. SodaStream also provides a plethora of accessories that you can buy including extra carbon dioxide (CO2) canisters, carbonating bottles and endless amounts of flavoured syrups.

They even have a new collection of flavours called SodaStream FREE. These are free of artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and preservatives making the SodaStream sparkling water maker a way that you can make ‘healthier’ carbonated beverages (especially if you are trying to wean yourself off of regular pop).

The machine comes with a COcanister when you buy it but additional CO2 and flavoured syrups will need to be purchased once you run out. The CO2 canister can carbonate 60 L of water and additional canisters cost $35.99 (you can also bring them to places that will refill it for $15-20). Flavoured syrups cost $6.99-$9.99 per bottle and can flavour up to 6 L of water.

SodaStream Canada has been kind enough to send out SodaStream Play sparkling water makers out to reviewers in the Greater Toronto Area. Please write your comments below and let us know what you think of the SodaStream sparkling water maker.

Do you think it provides people with a fun way to drink water better?