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Dietetic Intern at St. Michael's Hospital

Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite piece of kitchen equipment: Slow cooker
Recipe that you have always wanted to make but have yet to attempt: Salmon Wellington

Comments by Antonia:

  • SodaStream - sparkling water maker
    I really enjoyed testing the soda stream. For starters it is very easy to use and there is barely any set-up necessary. Also, I was surprised to find that the design is very sleek and it takes up very minimal counter space which was a concern for me because I have a small kitchen. I only carbonated plain water but I found that if I did three pumps (approx. 2 seconds each) that I could create a comparable beverage to San Pellegrino or Perrier. I enjoy plain water but it was a nice twist to add sparkling water to my regime and I believe I drank more water than usual. I would recommend this product to patients/clients as a way to jazz up their water especially if they are someone that normally likes to drink pop. I understand that there are also flavoured packets that you can purchase to use with the SodaStream but I did not try them. I would be concerned that there may be added sugars and recommend that patients/clients read the nutrition label. The soda stream is also very cost effective in comparison to purchasing bottled carbonated water. I am definitely considering investing in the Soda Stream myself as well! Thank you for the opportunity to review the SodaStream.
  • Truvia® calorie-free sweetener
    Thank you for sending me the two packets of Truvia to sample. I overall found the taste similar to other Stevia prodcuts that I have used. I tested the packets in 2 ways. I used one in a Starbucks tall blonde instead of my regular sugar packet and found it much sweeter but no strange after taste. Next time I would only use half the package in my coffee. I sampled the second packet in a green smoothie with no fruit. It was just almond milk, avocado, matcha and spinach. I felt the stevia was very good at making the smoothie taste more palatable. When i tried it without the stevia I would have needed to add a banana but the Truvia was a great way to avoid adding extra calories and improve the overall taste. Ultimately, I would recommend truvia to others with the disclaimer that it is an expensive product.
  • Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts
    Manitoba Hemp Hearts are one of my favourite Canadian superfoods! I can't compare them with other brands of hemp seeds as I have only used this brand, but I figure why mess with a good thing! This was not my first time using this product as I have been using it regularly for close to 2 years. I use hemp seeds as a topping for yogurt, in smoothies and in home-made protein bars. The seeds have a nutty earthy taste which I find very satisfying. They are high in protein, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids while still being low-carb. I would advise however to watch your portions as they are high in fat and it is easy to eat more than you realize which could be an issue if you are trying to lose or maintain weight. I plan to continue using this product and would like to try them in more savoury dishes. I give Manitoba Hemp Seeds 5 stars!
  • What is the FODMAP diet?
    Great breakdown of FODMAPs and for including resources for extra reading!
  • City Snacks - freeze dried fruit
    When I first open the package and saw what looked to me like Styrofoam I was a bit skeptical. It was also my first encounter with freeze dried fruit. Fortunately, I didn't let my eyes get the best of me and put the pear in my mouth. I was shocked at how flavourful they are! The texture didn't bother me at all once I was tasting delicious ripe pear : ) I love conventional pears but I always find it tricky to time to eat so that I am eating them at the perfect ripeness so I often eat over-ripe or too green pears. With City Snacks Pear that definitely wasn't an issue as every single piece was delicious and packed with flavour. In terms of satiety, I do not feel that this snack is very filling. But I feel like it could be a good option to curb a late night sugar craving! I am very budget conscious so I don't think that they would be a regular purchase for me but I think they would be a fun beach or roadtrip snack! And I am very interested in seeking out the other flavours to compare.
  • My visit to a chocolate factory – ChocoSol Traders
    Chocosol is my favourite chocolate brand! I had no idea they did tours.
  • Catelli Gluten Free Pasta
    I really enjoyed the Catelli gluten free penne pasta. I made it for myself and my family and we all felt that it was a very good replacement for traditional white pasta. There was a very slight corn taste but I didn't mind it and neither did the 3 other people who tried the product with me. I have tried brown rice pastas and corn pastas and much preferred the taste and texture of the combined rice/corn/quinoa Catelli product. However, I found the cooking time to be a bit inaccurate as even at 10 minutes it was a still a little more al dente than I would like, but I did not want to cook the pasta any longer as I find gluten free pastas tend to suddenly get over cooked very easily. I would definitely recommend this product to people searching for a gluten free alternative that tastes similar to conventional wheat pasta. Personally, I am looking forward to trying the fusilli and the spaghetti in the collection.