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  • Activia Pure Yogurt
    Great yogurt option. Got a coupon for a sample product and it took me a little bit to find a store that actually carries Activia Pure - but I did find it! I got the non-sweetened option as I prefer unsweetened yogurts and at this time I am also introducing my youngest baby to solids and I am trying to get her started as healthy as possible, and this yogurt seemed like a good addition to the full fat greek yogurt she already tried and loved. This yogurt is nicely creamy and the taste is nice and rich. I like that it only contains milk, cream and skim milk powder and the probiotic cultures and nothing else, no sweeteners and such. My older kiddo loves fruit yogurt so I added some frozen berries in hers and she happily stuffed her face :) I will definitely be buying again.
  • OIKOS SuperGrains Greek Yogurt
    What does the product taste like? What is the texture like? This Oikos yogurt is super thick and yummy. The taste is not too sweet, and the texture is not as smooth as yogurts without grains. In one way I found this yogurt a little dry if that makes sense to say about a yogurt. Would you buy it? YES, it's convenient size for carrying for lunch at work or school! I love that this yogurt has both dairy and fibre, it's double the goodness for one's overall health. With hat being said the amount of fibre in this yogurt is not huge...but as most Canadians typically do not eat enough fibre in a day, every little bit counts. Would you recommend it to people? Yes, it's a yummy convenient snack! What are your overall thoughts about the product from a healthy eating standpoint? It's a decent product. It does contain sugar but not as much as some of the yogurts targeted at kids, so I would feel comfortable feeding my little one with it as well. I found it more filling than a regular yogurt so if you are worried about portion control, this one will help you staying on track! How would you rate this product overall (out of 5 stars)? I am giving 4 out of 5 Disclaimer: I have received sample product for free to test and evaluate. Positive review was not required nor guaranteed.