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  • SodaStream - sparkling water maker
    I used the SodaStream to use sparkling water with cucumber slices and with lemon wedges. Once I installed the gas canister, the machine is very easy to use - pretty much pulling a lever and pressing a button. Unfortunately, although I could see bubbles shooting into the water when I pressed the button, I found that my water was never very bubbly. I followed the recommendations in the video for maximum bubbles and that still didn't help. Although it's important to find new ways to encourage people to drink more water, I wouldn't recommend this product to friends, family or clients based on my experience. I'm also curious about the ingredient list and calorie level of the SodaStream FREE flavours - but I didn't try these, so I can't comment.
  • City Snacks - freeze dried fruit
    I think the best part of City Snacks is the convenience - the pear snack would keep easily in a desk drawer, in the car, in a purse/bag, etc. And I was surprised by how reasonable the price is. The texture is very light but the pear flavour still comes through. It's a totally different experience compared to dried fruit that tends to have a more leathery texture. For me, fresh fruit wins hands down, but as far as a processed fruit I really like that there are no additives in this product. I would recommend this for someone who is looking for healthy, on-the-go snacks.
  • Red palm oil
    I used the red palm oil melted and drizzled on popcorn. The colour was fun but there wasn't much flavour. I also used it in a tofu and veg stir-fry. With the stir-fry I learned that a little goes a looonnnnggg way! Also, although the info says that it works on medium heat, for my stove I had to use low heat because it was already smoking at medium heat. Again, the colour was nice but there wasn't any flavour added. I wouldn't recommend this oil. If someone wanted to try and oil "du jour" I would say go for coconut oil instead - at least that adds flavour, stands up to heat and can be used on skin and hair as well. Also, the palm oil never seemed to really close properly and was a bit messy.
  • Chia seeds
    I used the chia seeds in 2 ways. First, in my oatmeal in the morning. They added a bit of visual interest, but no real taste or texture. They also got stuck in my teeth ;) Second, I added chia seeds to a dried coconut and panko bread crumb mixture that I used to bread baked chicken. I liked the visual interest the seeds added to this recipe. And I could hear them kind of toasting and popping in the oven! The seeds didn't change the taste of the recipe at all and that was just fine. Overall, the chia seeds are not exciting for taste but the nutrition profile is impressive. I'm all for adding seeds to my diet!