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  • City Snacks - freeze dried fruit
    I will echo my fellow reviewers and say that I found the snack very tasty. I could easily have eaten the whole package but wanted to save some for my toddler to see her reaction. Surprisingly she did not like them. I'm not sure if she found them too sweet or if they were too soggy for her (I mixed them with another snack that may have affected the texture). Nevertheless, though they do not pack a nutritional punch, their taste, portability and convenience factor might make them an occasional purchase. This was a great choice for a taste test!
  • Chia seeds
    Thank you for the opportunity to try the chia seeds. So far, I've used them in oatmeal and yogurt - both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Like others have said before, they don't add much in the way of taste. But I did enjoy the tapioca ball-like texture. I was also really pleased that my picky two year old liked it as well and did not turn up her nose at strange black seeds in her hot cereal. Next project - pumpkin muffins with chia. I too am impressed with the nutrient profile and would definitely recommend it to others. The only drawback is the price (and sounds like also availability depending on where you are). However, it is a large package that should last awhile. Thank you again!