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  • Omega Crunch flax topping
    Thank you for the opportunity to try Omega 3 shelled flax seeds. I use flax seeds (and hemp) seeds as a source of omega 3. I am used to grinding flax seeds which is inconvenient. When I first saw this product, I was excited about the convince and flavor options. I had so many ideas for the roasted garlic flavor but had one packet of this flavor. I used the packet of each per use to try the full flavor. Love the idea that I can sprinkle the flax on my food without the step of grinding. Makes it easy to use at for lunches or snacks at work. Met my needs easily. In terms of value for the price, I did not receive a full bottle so I am unable to see the full size of the bottle for the prices listed on the website. Doing calculations based on the volume/weight of flax seeds (100ml is 71g based on the Canadian nutrient file. The bottles of seeds are 175-200g.) It does seem that bulk flaxseeds would be much cheaper than this product. However, then the step of grinding the bulk flax seeds would be needed. Some customers are more likely to use seeds ready to be used. The Omega 3 shaker would last awhile when sprinkled on foods. Overall, a great product that I did not know about until this product review. I am likely to use this product again based on the convenience of using it vs. using bulk flax seeds. A good use for me would be keeping a shaker at my desk at work.
  • Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts
    This product was great. I usually use flax seeds in my smoothies to add some omega-3 fat. The hemp seeds were a great way to add omega-3 fats and protein to my morning smoothies. I did not taste them at all and I stayed full during the morning. I will definitely use this product again.
  • City Snacks - freeze dried fruit
    The packaging on this product is appealing, portable and modern. The texture of the pear is light but crispy looking. Then it seems to melt when placed in your mouth. It has a nice sweet pear taste. It is a low calorie option for a snack. This package is not enough food for a satisfying snack (if you are eating because you are truly hungry). It will be more filling if I ate an actual pear. Eating the fresh fruit would be cheaper as well. Advantages to this product - good texture, portable (pears can bruise when you carry them around), convenient. I personally would eat a pear but this is a good second option. I would choose it over the fruit "roll up" type snacks.
  • Catelli Gluten Free Pasta
    I have never tried gluten free pasta and was sent this box of Catelli gluten free pasta to try. I had it with a rose sauce. It took longer to cook than the average white pasta and came out al-dente. Al-dente is how I prefer to eat pasta. It would take quite a bit of time to overcook it compared to other white pasta. It tasted similar to white pasta. This is a pasta that I could serve others and I doubt they would realize it is gluten free. This would be a great pasta option for people with Celiac disease.
  • Chia seeds
    I sprinkle Chia seeds on my salad. The chia seeds do not have much taste and it feels like there is poppy seeds in my salad. I have salad everyday so I find its an easy way to ensure I have omega 3 in my diet. As a person who does not fish or seafood is is nice to find an easy way to fit omega 3 fats in my diet. The best part is it does not have to be ground like flaxseed. Chia seeds cost more than flax but it is more convient. I will definitely keep using chia seeds.