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Member since 10/1/2014
Occupation: Registered Dietitian
City: Duncan/Mill Bay, BC
Website: http://www.purenutritionconsulting.com

I have worked as a RD since 2005. For the first 5 years I worked in acute care as a Pediatric Dietitian at the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton, AB. For the past 4 1/2 years I have worked as a Community Dietitian for a First Nations Band in Duncan, BC and also as a private practice Dietitian with my partners at Pure Nutrition Consulting. I have always had a passion for cooking!

Favourite food: Oh gosh... I love all food! I would have to say cheese I think!
Favourite piece of kitchen equipment: Too many to choose from... slow cooker, cast iron skillet, garlic press, mango peeler, etc, etc
Favourite cooking shortcut: Slow cookers!
Favourite meal(s) to prepare: Depends on the season! I love salads in the summer... soups and stews in the winter... baking at Christmas... too many to choose!
Recipe that you have always wanted to make but have yet to attempt: Homemade puff pastry

Comments by juliekostyk:

  • Activia Pure Yogurt
    I received the coupon for Activia Pure and had no problem finding it in my local area. I chose to purchase the Plain Sweetened variety. The yogurt tasted pleasantly sweet but was not overly sweet for me. If customers find it too sweet, they could easily blend it with Activia Pure plain. Activia Pure was super creamy compared to other yogurts I tend to eat, which I found to be delicious. I would definitely choose to purchase this product again due to the all-natural and limited ingredient list as well as the lack of artificial colors or flavors. I would also recommend it to clients who were looking for a product with these qualities as well. My overall thoughts on this product from a health standpoint are that it is a great product for people looking for a non-Greek yogurt with all-natural ingredients. I like the fact that people can flavor their yogurt with their own fruit flavorings, should they chose to do so instead of eating the product as-is. I also like that the nutrient profile is better than the regular Activia plain sweetened as Activia Pure plain sweetened has less sugar and more protein.
  • OIKOS SuperGrains Greek Yogurt
    I recently received a sample of Oikos Super Grains Greek Yogurt in Mixed Berries + Grains flavor 1. What does the product taste like? What is the texture like? The product tasted similar to other Oikos Greek yogurts I have tried (i.e. fruit or vanilla flavored 0%M.F. or 2%M.F. Greek yogurt). I did not find there to be a lot of texture in this product, which for me was a bit disappointing as I like to have the crunch of nuts/seeds in my yogurt. 2. Would you buy it? Personally I don't see myself purchasing this product as I prefer to buy plain Greek yogurt and mix in a little flavored Greek yogurt because I find the fruit flavored yogurts to be too sweet. I would also prefer to add my own nuts/seeds in order for them to remain crunchy. 3. Would you recommend it to people? I wouldn't necessarily recommend this product to people but I wouldn't advise them against buying it either. I think for the price point, people will get just as much benefit from purchasing regular Greek yogurt and adding their own items to it. I found the sugar content to be high, but not any higher than regular flavored Greek yogurt (between 9-12grams sugar/100grams). As well, the protein content was not any higher than the regular Oikos yogurts (i.e. 8 grams) and the 1 gram of fiber was not significant enough for me to result in me recommending it to clients. 4. What are your overall thoughts about the product from a healthy eating standpoint? I think this product can be part of a healthy eating plan. I would suggest anyone purchasing this product to mix in plain Greek yogurt and add additional nuts/seeds as desired for a higher protein, lower sugar, higher fiber option. 5. How would you rate this product overall (out of 5 stars)? I would give this product 3/5 stars.
  • Chia seeds
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to provide a product review for Nutiva organic chia seeds. I used the product in my overnight muesli which also contains large flake oats, oat bran, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, raisins and cinnamon. I really like how the chia seeds act as a thickener and help to soak up the milk overnight. I would definitely use this product again and was thrilled to read all the other reviews with recipe suggestions! It has definitely given me some more ideas on other healthy ways to use chia seeds. Overall I find the flavor very neutral (which I am happy about). I like the fact that they increase the fiber in my breakfast and are a source of omega-3 fats.