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  • City Snacks - freeze dried fruit
    Thank you for letting us try this product. I was expecting a different taste and to me it did not taste like a pear, so for that reason I did not like the taste. The texture was interesting, crispy, but melted in your mouth. Although the crunch was nice, the flavour ruined it for me. I much prefer the dried pear taste. I do not think I would buy them because I did not like the flavour, the value for the serving size and not significant the nutritional. I doubt I would recommend this to others. However I did taste a banana flavour before and that tasted a lot better, so I would be interested in trying other flavours.
  • Catelli Gluten Free Pasta
    I have tried a couple of random brands of Gluten free pasta and some just turn to mush. I cooked it for 7 minutes and I like the texture it had. This one kept it's shape and texture. I ate it right away with a beef stroganoff and I had some for lunch the next day. It retained it's texture and was tasty. It doesn't have a distinct taste, so it didn't overpower the dishes. I like the price point. Although, I prefer fresh pasta and that is usually what I buy if I am craving it, this is a good gluten free alternative that can be a back up in my pantry. Thanks for letting me try this pasta.
  • Red palm oil
    Since the comeback of coconut oil as the superfood, I have researched in and now use it as a my go to oil. However, the coconut oil taste is often overpowering. I was excited to try this oil since it is supposed to be tasteless. I used it in a couple of dishes. One was frying fish and another was sauteing vegetables. It was tasteless. It did stain the food a bit, but not enough to not make me want to use it. The colour washed off the pan and utensils. I will use up the rest of the oil. Will I buy more? Possibly. I was actually just given a jar of this oil, but from Asia, so I will keep using it. I need to go watch those Dr. Oz videos to see what else I can do with it. Thanks for letting me try it!
  • Chia seeds
    Thanks for letting me try this product. I have used Chia seeds before, but I usually buy them at bulk barn. I liked the convenience of a resealable bag. I usually put some of the seeds in yogurt or a smoothy to add some omegas to my diet. Don't put too many, as they really thicken the liquid. Recently I found a new recipe to make a really quick chocolate pudding and a great midday no guilt dessert! Here is the recipe: http://foodwishes.blogspot.ca/2013/09/chia-chocolate-pudding-sort-of-pet.html I don't think they have a real distinct taste, but like the crunchy slimy texture. According to the above recipe, the seeds shouldn't be crunchy after sitting in milk for a few hours, but these were. I will continue using these seeds, but I have been reading about their side effects and it mentioned that too much of them can cause constipation, so just have to make sure that I do bot overeat the pudding! I love the above mentioned recipes and can't wait to try them. I would give it 4/5