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  • OIKOS SuperGrains Greek Yogurt
    Please answer the following questions as part of your review: What does the product taste like? What is the texture like? I really liked the taste (not too sweet, which is something I don't like) and texture - perfect with the buckwheat - I thought it may have been too hard or large particles but it wasn't so I was pleasantly surprised. Would you buy it? not sure, I usually purchase plain yogurt and add my own fruit and grains - this one is a maybe? Would you recommend it to people? maybe, the added grains don't add significant fibre and there is a fair amount of sugar, but for people that want it all in one - then I would rec. it. What are your overall thoughts about the product from a healthy eating standpoint? as above a fair amount of sugar, I usually buy plain, but overall the taste is very good and the fact it's all mixed in is a good selling point. How would you rate this product overall (out of 5 stars)? I would give it 3.5 stars Thanks, Karen
  • Chia seeds
    Hey, thanks for letting me rate the product. I used the product as a topping in a variety of ways: I added to oatmeal, sprinkled it on my smoothie and on top of yogurt and fruit. I also added it on top of my salad. the product has a nutty to bland taste which I liked - it didn't overpower whatever I was eating. Yes I would use it again. I think it's great to have another way to add plant sources of n-3 and soluble fibre. I would rate it a 4 out of 5. ( I would give it a higher point, but for Vancouverites is not local) I tried to add my food photos, but couldn't. I'll email them instead, Thanks again, Karen