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  • Activia Pure Yogurt
    I bought the Pure Plain Sweetened version as that's all my grocery store (No Frills) carried. To be honest, I typically buy Skyr or Greek yogurt, so this yogurt felt incredibly watery to me. I have bought other flavoured Activia yogurts in the past, but they had a thicker texture than this. This one was very watery, so it took me completely off guard. The taste was fine (tasted like how a vanilla yogurt tastes) and I can see how if you like a creamy yogurt, you would enjoy this. I would still recommend it to people because I can see how the "pure" ingredient aspect is appealing, but I would suggested finding an unsweetened version. Personally, I wouldn't buy it again.
  • OIKOS SuperGrains Greek Yogurt
    This is about a 3.5 product for me. The taste is really delicious (but sweet) and I enjoy that it has seeds already in it. However, I felt the consistency of the seeds were softer and almost mushier than if you add it in right before you eat. Therefore, the texture was a bit off for me. I love crunchy nuts, hemp hearts, seeds and coconut in my yogurt but I thought the added seeds didn't give me that crunch. But, it's convenient for people who don't want to add the seeds/nuts themselves. I wouldn't buy this because it's sweeter than normal. I normally buy plain Greek yogurt and add in honey, seeds, fruits, etc. I might recommended it to people who already enjoy sweet yogurt. Because it's Greek, it has more protein, plus it has the added seeds. If someone is used to sweeter yogurt, I would probably suggest they check this one out if they can't be weaned off of sweetened yogurt. For healthy eating, it can be a healthy choice to fit in, but I think the sugar is too high and if I remember there was a bit higher saturated fat. So, I wouldn't actively say this is a good go-to yogurt. It's a 3.5 for me, the taste was good and creamy, but the seeds lost consistency and it was very sweet.
  • Liberté Greek Seeds & Fruit Yogourt‏
    It took me a while to find this product in grocery stores (I found it eventually at Longos after 4 other chains didn't have it), and I loved it. I normally put seeds and nuts into my yogurt, so it was great that they were already added in, in a larger container. I tried only the strawberry and enjoyed it, liked the yogurt taste and texture and overall thought it was good. The 2 pack was $3.99 which is expensive, considering I can buy 12 packs of other grands for $4.99 sometimes. But, it was a good, tasty, and convenient snack.
  • Truvia® calorie-free sweetener
    I tried adding Truvia to my yogurt and was surprised at the sweetness - it was very powerful! But, I did find that it had an unpleasant aftertaste to me, one similar to aspartame. I typically used agave as my sweetener, so I'm used to that taste. I feel people who want to explore a sweet substitute would enjoy this product, but personally I was not a fan. 2/5 for me, 4/5 for people who enjoy the taste of aspartame/artificial sweeteners.
  • Omega Crunch flax topping
    These were delicious! I was surprised when I heard of flavoured flax seeds but they were so good - the cinnamon one added such a nice flavour to my yogurt. I used them on toast, salad, and oatmeal. All flavours were great, I highly recommend them. Because they're shelled they're convenient to use and a good way for people who may be hesitant on incorporating flax into their diet can do so with ease. Despite their higher price, the flavour and convenience are great selling features of this price and I recommend them to those who want to try something different as a garnish for their meals.
  • Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts
    I have never used hemp hearts before, and like everyone else, I was so surprised by the nutty flavour. I really enjoyed them, I put them in yogurt and then in a salad I made it added an unusual yet delicious flavour to my food. The high protein and omega 3 really are a selling feature for me. These surprised me in terms of taste and I would definitely use them again!
  • City Snacks - freeze dried fruit
    I split the package with my mom and both of us enjoyed the product immensely. When I opened the package, they looked and felt like rice cakes which took me aback. I don't know what I was expecting for the look and texture but I thought it'd be more akin to fruit leather. The taste was amazing, so much like pear and just the right amount of sweetness. The snacks dissolved in your mouth when eating, just like a rice cake. I liked these so much more than dried fruit or fruit leather as they stick in my teeth, but these freeze dried pears were perfect, leaving no residue. I think they're a great snack for children because they're so healthy and fun to eat, just like eating a bag of chips. The only problem for me is the price as I find for what you get the bag is pretty expensive. Overall these are a great, tasty, and healthy product that I highly recommend. I probably will not be purchasing them again, however, unless the price is reduced a bit or if you receive more product in the bag (15 g isn't really a lot).
  • Catelli Gluten Free Pasta
    I reviewed the pasta in my own family and was given the opportunity to receive another box and have another person review it, so I gave it to my boyfriend's mother who is very health conscious. Both my family and hers enjoyed the pasta a lot, noting there was no taste difference between regular white/whole wheat. Personally, I only use multigrain pasta and quite missed the wheaty taste of it, but I have had other gluten-free pastas which let an unsettling after taste in my mouth that this one did not possess. Both my family and my boyfriend's family felt the texture was the same; many members of our families weren't even aware it was gluten-free as opposed to white or whole wheat. My mother and my boyfriend regularly eat gluten-free pasta and both of them said they really enjoyed the flavour and texture of the Catelli pasta. I have never tried gluten-free before, so I really had no expectations of flavour or texture, but I did enjoy it quite a bit. I wouldn't necessarily use it again because multigrain pasta is my favourite, but my boyfriend's mother said she definitely would cook with it again especially because she tries to use gluten-free products when available. I would definitely recommend it to people who have gluten intolerances and are looking for a very nice product, both texture and taste wise. The usage of white rice in the pasta makes me frown a bit, but the brown rice + quinoa really make up for it. It's a cool product that everyone I know who tried it was pleasantly surprised by its taste and texture. Overall, my family and my boyfriend's family rating, would be a combined 4 out of 5 stars. This product is really neat and Catelli did a great job with this formulation.
  • Clover Leaf Tuna Salad Kits
    This was my first time trying any sort of tuna snack kit or flavoured tuna for that matter. I tried the lemon pepper snack kit and was really surprised at the flavour as it was a lot more lemony than anticipated. I really wanted the spiciness that the black pepper should have provided, but I felt it lacking. That being said, I really did enjoy the flavour of the tuna, but I'm not sure if flavoured tuna is for me. I feel the convenience of the packaging would make it easier for people to accommodate more fish into their diet. Let's face it, some people might begrudgingly pack their own tuna, crackers, and napkins but this product makes it so easy for them. It's a neat little snack idea created to help individuals get more protein into their diet, and this snack beats anything high calorie or sugary any day. However, the price point is the main issue at hand, for me. I never purchased a tuna snack kit before because they tend to be pricy. Besides, I wouldn't pay for 6 crackers and a napkin & spoon. To me, that's not worth the price. But, for someone who is extremely lazy, or on the flip side someone who is extremely busy, this might not be a bad product for them. I would probably not use this product again because, to me, it's not worth the money for what you get. But, if you enjoy flavoured tuna, I suggest that you buy just the individual Clover Leaf lemon pepper tuna, or even buy plain tuna and put your own flavouring in it. This snack can be promoted as healthy snack and a great alternative for someone who wants to have more fish/protein in their diet. Perhaps the buttery crackers could be replaced with whole wheat/multigrain to give it that extra healthful punch. I would rate this product probably a 4 outta 5 based purely on taste and convenience. I would have given it a higher rating, but the price is a hindrance for me.
  • Red palm oil
    I only used the palm oil one way, and that was as a sort of marinade for a chicken breast and stir fried veggies. I immediately noticed the colour that my checked turned - boy is that orange! I found the taste to be alright. Frankly, I didn't really notice a different taste. I mean, I could definitely tell there was something different about my chicken which can be good as the palm oil didn't disguise the flavour of my dish. I probably would not recommend this product to people, however, because of the high saturated fat content. As I was making the chicken, my mom came up from behind and grabbed the bottle and almost dropped it in horror. Despite the nutritive claims that Nutiva makes about the high beta carotene and vitamin E, I cannot get over the saturated fat content. Even though I enjoyed the product, based purely on the nutrition content I would probably not use this product again.
  • Chia seeds
    I used the chia seeds in two ways. I wanted to make a breakfast porridge, so I used chia seeds with red quinoa for this. Also, I put the chia seeds over my salad for added crunch. In both instances, the chia seeds added a nice texture to the product, more so noticeable in the salad than the porridge. I didn't notice any taste difference because the seeds are rather tasteless. They are so easy to use in any recipe, and the added benefit of knowing just how nutritionally sound this product can be motivates me more to use them in a wide variety or recipes. Adding a tablespoon of seeds to your recipe is just so simple, especially when they're so high in fibre and omega-3 fats!