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  • Omega Crunch flax topping
    Thanks for the chance to try this new product. I have used flax seed in cooking before but this was the first time I have tried flavoured flax seed. The Garlic one was my favourite. It really added delicious flavour and a nice teexture to plain vegetables. The cinnamon flavour was a nice addition to my soup as well. I really liked them. I'm not sure I would buy them on a regular basis, it would depend on the price point.
  • Chia seeds
    Since the cold weather is approaching, I tried using my Chia seeds as a hot oatmeal breakfast substitute. I measured out a small amount of chia seeds and let them sit in boiling water before I added in a small amount of milk and brown sugar. I found I didn't enjoy the gelatinous glob of chia seeds even with the milk and brown sugar. I've also tried Chia seeds in muffins as an egg replacement, I found them gave the muffins a bit of crunch which I liked. If I use the seeds again it will be in baking or in salads, definitely not an an oatmeal replacement!