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  • Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts
    These hemp hearts were so easy to use, so I was able to try them in a few different ways. They were great on top of yogurt and berries, because then I could really taste them. I tried them with my PB toast for breakfast, but the taste of the hemp got lost in the PB. I also sprinkled them on my rice (nice addition but again, couldn't taste them too much), and added them to a piece of salmon before pan frying it. I guess because salmon (like PB) is strong in flavour, I couldn't taste them, but it sure looked pretty and of course, boosted the nutrition of my meal - the best part. Would definitely use them again. You can sprinkle them on pretty much anything! Thanks for the samples!
  • Clover Leaf Tuna Salad Kits
    I'm very familiar with the flavoured Clover Leaf tunas... as in I've tried them all! I think the tuna is great. But my issue was the Ritz-like buttery crackers it comes with. I think the texture and flavour clashes with the savory tuna. I would much prefer if the cracker were of a hearty whole grain type. I couldn't even bring myself to finish the crackers with the tuna. I ate the rest with cheddar cheese! Again, this is just a personal preference. Overall, the convenience of this snack pack is pretty awesome for those struggling with snacks on the go, though the crackers should really offer some fibre if we're going to call this a healthy snack. For myself, I'd much rather buy the tuna on its own and enjoy it with my own crackers.
  • Catelli Gluten Free Pasta
    This is also my first time trying gluten free pasta. I should also add I don't eat pasta very often either. :) First impressions: looks pretty similar to white pasta. I followed the box instructions but the pasta was definitely undercooked at 7 mins. I cooked it for about 10. One broke apart but the rest stayed in tack. I made it with homemade tomato sauce, and threw in some eggplant and chicken. Taste was fine, but a bit bland. Texture was noticeably different: not springy. That's what gluten does. It wasn't unpalatable by any means, but I just have a personal preference towards the springy bite and chewiness of traditional pasta :)
  • Chia seeds
    I mixed in the chia seeds into some of the foods I regularly eat, such as yogurt (with sliced almonds, yum!) and tuna salad. They added a nice visual element and a bit of crunch, without overtaking the foods. They don't have a distinctive flavour, so they didn't change the flavour of the yogurt or tuna salad either, which I liked. They are really easy to use and I would definitely continue to use them knowing how much fibre and omega-3 fats are in a single tablespoon.