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  • City Snacks - freeze dried fruit
    Thanks for the opportunity to try these freeze dried snacks. I was curious about their taste, as I love pears. I had no clue their texture would be so different .... If I had $1.75 to spend on a snack, I'd feel alot more satisfied with $1.75 worth of dried pears. The gummy texture is a lot more appealing to me than the foam texture of the City Snacks. However... if I was a mom trying to find different snack for my kids to try, I could probably convince them that this was "astronaut food", and the novelty would keep them interested for a little while... Otherwise, I felt this snack didn't provide the fullness, flavour and texture bang for my buck that dried fruit (without sulphates) has.
  • Red palm oil
    I made a quinoa mushroom pilaf, and then brushed some on the rest of my mushrooms and roasted them (a recipe from a paleo website I was perusing). So as with Coconut oil, smoke, smoke, smoke is a problem. it's a bit better than coconut oil in that respect, but I definitely enjoy the flavour of coconut oil better. There really wasn't anything magical in the preparation. Having said that... I'm looking forward to using it as a moisture dressing for my hair... As an aside, farming of red palm oil in SE Asia has put the habitat for orangutans and elephants in danger. Nutiva farms their product from Ecuador, and uses sustainable practices.
  • Chia seeds
    I love using chia; I put it in shakes and in my yogurt, but I had never baked with it. So for thanksgiving, I made an Apple Crisp with Chia! You can find the recipe here: http://recipe-finder.com/recipe/17513213440271490795 I soaked them in water first, so I was adding more of a gelatinous glob to the apples rather than a bowl of seeds (that DO get stuck in your teeth!) . The result was delicious, and I didn't need to add any cornstarch to the applecrisp.