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  • Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts
    I've had Manitoba Hemp Hearts a couple of years ago and forgot how tasty they were ... especially the nice subtle nutty flavour! The texture was soft and kind of creamy too. This time, I've sprinkled them in yogurt, breakfast cereals and ice cream ... it was delicious! Their great nutrition profile is the reason why I've been recommending it to my clients, especially in the last year. Thank you Manitoba Hemp Hearts! I will be a regular Hemp Heart user from now on and will keep on recommending it to my clients.
  • Chia seeds
    Thank you for allowing me to taste test the Nutiva chia seeds. I was able to do different things with the chia seeds. I first sprinkled some in my yogurt which added an interesting texture to it. Then I made chocolate chip banana muffins and sprinkled them on top of each muffin before baking them. It turned out great and added some crunchiness to it (even my husband liked it!). Then I did sprinkle on top of salads as well ... just make sure you don't have some chia seeds stuck between your teeth! I am gonna use chia seeds instead of sesame seeds or poppyseeds ... Next recipe I have in mind is to sprinkle it on top of make rolls ... Overall, a great product that I already recommend to my clients. I am sold!