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I love trying out new products and sharing my thoughts with others.

Favourite food: Asian cuisine
Favourite piece of kitchen equipment: Wok
Favourite cooking shortcut: Using parchment paper to avoid scrubbing baking sheets.
Favourite meal(s) to prepare: Comfort food like lasagna.
Recipe that you have always wanted to make but have yet to attempt: Fancy gourmet desserts

Comments by PR:

  • Activia Pure Yogurt
    I recently had the opportunity to try Activia Pure, thanks to the free product coupon I received. I purchased the 650g container of the plain flavor. I've purchased other flavored Activia yogurts in the past and was glad to see Activia Pure had the same creamy texture I love. It's not too thick or too thin but just the right consistency. As for the flavor, I found this to be less tangy than other plain yogurts I've tasted. It's very natural and contains only milk ingredients and the probiotics Activia is known for, no sugar added. I did sweeten it on my own with a touch of honey and it was great. I also used it in other recipes like pasta salad and baking and they all turned out delicious. Now that I've tasted how pure and simple Activia Pure tasted, I don't know if I could go back to eating the flavored yogurts. This just tasted healthier and pure, just like the name suggests. I will definitely purchase this in the future and make it part of a clean, healthy diet.
  • OIKOS SuperGrains Greek Yogurt
    I was lucky enough to have been chosen to test out the Oikos SuperGrains Greek Yogourt in the flavour, Mixed Berries. At 100g each, they were the perfect portion to have as a snack or as dessert after a meal. They came in four individually portioned cups with an easy peel-off wrapper. The first thing I noticed was how good the yogourt smelled. The berries hinted at a delicate sweetness. Tasting it proved that the sweetness was not overwhelming and that the berries really paired well with the creaminess of the yogourt. I was, however surprised that the sugar content was a bit high, so they should work on lowering that if possible. The consistency was thick and smooth, not lumpy, like some other greek yogourts I've tried. You do get a bite from the grains they include, in particular, quinoa, chia seeds and buckwheat. These added interesting texture and it made me feel like I was really providing my body with wholesome, good food. I did, however, find it to have a tangy aftertaste which I could have done without. I would still recommend this product for anyone looking for a unique greek yogourt to have as a snack. I also really liked the shape and color of the packaging. It fits perfectly in your hand and the blue color is certainly made to stand out on the supermarket shelf, which makes it easy to find!