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  • Truvia® calorie-free sweetener
    I tried Truvia in both a cup of coffee and a cup of tea. I usually have coffee in the morning with milk and sugar. I honestly can say it doesn't make much difference to me. Truvia blended well, a packet was fine for sweetness equivalent to 1 package of sugar and yes I would be comfortable to try it again! There was no aftertaste in my opinion and it was equally good in both hot beverages. I feel comfortable recommending stevia as well. I was surprised to see that erthyritol was the first ingredient in the packet - seeing as stevia is the promoted "sweetener" source. I would be happy to try this in a recipe but didn't have enough to experiment. It would have been helpful for the manufacturer to include how one package compares in sweetness to one package of sugar or support in using such in a recipe where there is usually sugar. I would recommend the use of a small amount of a sweetener like Truvia for someone to help them reduce added sugar calories. I also support the idea of helping people tailor their tastes so that less is used regardless of the source and that they have less desire for so much sweetness. This helps in the long run decrease their desire for sweets no matter the source.
  • City Snacks - freeze dried fruit
    Thank for the trial of City Snacks Pears - a 100% pear snack but in a package. The contents can be described as light and airy, sweet tasting, puffy like a rice cake texture almost. The contents melt in your mouth - easy and portable snack. I like the fact that it is just pears - I think of this one package as being about 1/2 pear - without the skin - since the fibre content is only 1 g. Portable yes.. tasty yes... would I pay $1.75 for 1/2 pear... I might not but someone else might! I don't eat dried fruit much, but do agree that the texture is more appealing than the regular dried sticky fruit. I think this is a better alternative for a child to bring in their lunch as a cool but healthy snack choice - that isn't going to be messy in their lunch bags - and one that isn't sticky on their teeth either. I gave this snack a 4 - as I would much rather have a fresh piece of fruit...but having this one dried with nothing added is second best!
  • Catelli Gluten Free Pasta
    I would have to say I love trying new products and experimenting. I have tried gluten-free pasta before. This time, I cooked the pasta following the directions - I found at 7 minutes it a little too chewy so kept in in another minute. After draining and before adding the tomato, meat sauce I had made, I rinsed it. Oh my... the pasta completely fell apart into pieces - so that it wasn't that visually appealing. Taste wise... the taste is fine - very little taste actually. Texture- grainy. Since brown rice and quinoa are two of the ingredients I would have liked the nutrition and taste to come out a little more. Not that different from white pasta except for the texture. Since I haven't tried many gluten-free pastas - except rice pasta... I would have to say it did pass the test. It would be no problem to get my family to eat this - and I would say that most wouldn't likely notice that much difference - since we all prefer the sauce better anyway! I would not likely purchase again. I much prefer the texture of a whole grain mix pasta. Having said that I like the fact that it does contain a couple of whole grains and does contribute some fibre - so comparable to other pastas for that. I would recommend it to someone needing to avoid gluten. I would rate this product a 3/5. Cook less than the recommended time and try not rinsing the pasta for a better texture.
  • Chia seeds
    Thank you for this great opportunity! I must say that I too was very impressed with the nutritional profile of the chia seeds, but didn't know what to do with them. There was one recipe on the bag - but some ideas for people would be helpful. I tried putting a tablespoon in my yogurt - that was very do-able and an easy way to add 5 g of fibre. The texture was "seedy" and crunchy - that was OK. I think I would prefer it this way - rather than soft and mushy - however I didn't like the fact that the seeds did stick in my teeth. Once I tried chia in a drink - where the seeds were floating... not really my cup of tea! I think people need ideas of how to use the chia seeds! I could easily add it to my smoothie in the morning - which I often blend. I could also see myself adding it easily to an apple crisp topping which I often mix up anyway but adding different ingredients. Would I use it again - absolutely! I love trying new foods..but I wasn't adventurous enough to go out and find some recipes. Making it easier with ideas on the bag or saying there are recipes on a website would be a great addition!