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  • City Snacks - freeze dried fruit
    These are nice, very light snacks that taste exactly like fresh pears. They're crispy and they don't have any of that leathery toughness you often get from dried fruit. You will go through them quickly, which is a good thing – because after a couple of days open they get soft. Same flavour, but no crispiness. You don't get a whole lot in a bag, but given that you want to finish them in a day or so, that's not so unreasonable. You'll enjoy them, but don't count on them to satisfy hunger – they're for taste and crunch. I liked them well enough. My wife really liked them. She wants me to get more.
  • Catelli Gluten Free Pasta
    My wife is gluten-free, so we eat a lot of gluten-free pasta, and we've tried quite a few. After I'd used half a box of the Catelli, she was saying how much she liked it and how we should have some more. In fact, I ended up going and buying more for more meals. It's not a perfect product; it takes longer to cook than most other ones I've tried. But the texture once it's cooked is good – it doesn't go mushy in a hurry. It also doesn't turn the pot water into sludge. If you undercook it it's not all that likeable, but once cooked it's still decent and firm. And we do like the flavour. And my wife was particularly enthusiastic about it. It's also nice that it's available in rotini and penne, as it's generally easier to get long noodles such as linguine, spaghetti, and cappellini in gluten-free versions; the shaped ones are harder to find and often not as good.
  • Red palm oil
    I usually cook with butter, and occasionally with olive oil. I'm not really worried about the nutritional profile of my oils because I don't drink them by the glass and I don't chase fads, which have a way of turning out to be bad ideas. I was a little iffy about this oil at first because it's supposed to have no particular flavour, but I found that when I fried onions and vegetables in it they really did turn out quite nice, and the recipe as a whole turned out well. It's good to have something that isn't going to burn on me in a hurry and also isn't bitter. Yes, it does turn everything red; that needs to be taken into consideration. Flavour balance is more important than colour balance for me, however. The thing I like least is that it is a semi-solid, not quite thin enough to pour but not at all thick enough to slice or properly scoop. This product is in a mason-type jar and I have to spoon it out, and that doesn't really make life all that easy. Perhaps a bottle with an opening about as wide as a wine bottle would do better – of course it would be necessary to shake it, but it is now too.
  • Chia seeds
    The chia seeds are used in my house mainly to go on cereal in the morning. It's hard to rate the flavour of something that as a rule doesn't have much flavour… Whether this particular brand is a winner depends on what you want in texture. If you like chia seeds that absorb a lot of liquid quickly and bulk up for good fibre, this may not be the product for you. These ones tend to stay drier longer. That's a plus if you want the dry consistency with its graininess, but less so if you like it softer.