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  • Clover Leaf Tuna Salad Kits
    I tried the Clover Leaf's flavoured canned tuna products before: spicy thai chilli, lemon and pepper, and dill and lemon. This was the first time trying their tuna salad kit but at a $1.49 more than the price of the individual can (roughly $1), I don't think it's worth it. However, I enjoy the flavours of the individual cans and I think that the creative flavours and convenience of the packaging make it easy for people to incorporate more fish and lean protein into their diet especially for students or anyone with a busy routine. Since I already consume the individual cans frequently, I would rather continue using them over the kit and would probably recommend just buying a pack of crackers along with the individual can and carry some in a ziplock bag to replace the ones in the kit (much cheaper in the long run). Overall, I think the product is a good source of fish protein that can be used in a variety of recipes. When I ate it with the crackers, it was still pretty filling for just a snack and tasty, so I found it be a good post-workout snack. I would rate this product a 4.5 for the taste, convenience, and effect on satiety but the sodium seemed a little high, which is to be expected of a canned product, I guess.
  • Chia seeds
    These little seeds are so fun to use! I added some to my orange juice this morning because there was a picture on the bag of a beverage with the seeds floating in it. After letting them sit in the juice for a few minutes, I noticed (as everyone has been commenting) that the seeds started to form a gelatinous coating around them which actually was neat because if you swallow them with the juice without chewing, it doesn't cause any swallowing issues. However, when I did chew them, they DID stick in my teeth (Not something that would deter me enough from eating them again, though). I liked that they added little to no flavour so they can be used practically in anything, their nutrition profile is excellent for someone like me who generally gets a lot of fibre during the week but the weekends can be a challenge, and I can take them with me since it's in a conveniently resealable bag! I also tend to overlook my EFA intake when pondering over my meals, so that it is also an added bonus. I didn't like that they stuck to my glass after I finished my juice (which kind of defeats the purpose of adding them in). Another way I used them was in baking. My favourite thing to bake are these banana walnut muffins and I usually spoon on a butter and brown sugar topping before putting them in the oven. This time I added some chia seeds and it really added to the texture. It kept its crunchy texture days after, too!