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  • Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts
    Sorry for submitting this late review! Better late than never…or so they say! I tried the hemp hearts mainly in yogurts and salads. The taste was very light, almost unnoticeable. Personally when I add something in my recipes, I would like it to be perceptible, especially at this price! The fluffiness of the product also makes us forget that it can also be quite caloric which can be an issue for people trying to maintain a healthy weight. It was interesting to taste the product but personally this is not something that I would buy. I found it expensive and I think there are other options with regard to omega-rich foods. Since I’m working with populations with low income, I am very aware of food prices. I did appreciate, though, that it’s a Canadian product. So for that I do hope that it becomes successful. 2 out 5 stars
  • City Snacks - freeze dried fruit
    What an interesting product to try! I have to admit that I was surprised to see the shape of the freeze-dried pears! For some reason, I was also expecting dried pears. When I tasted them, I was also surprised and wasn't sure if I liked them. But after a few bites, they grew on me. This snack can be a convenient snack. It's true that a fresh pear is quite fragile and can get damaged when you carry it around in your bag but the dried-freeze pears are quite fragile as well. I also thought that they were a little expensive for the nutritional value. All you get is calories from sugars and a little bit of fiber. No protein, not many vitamins, etc. So it's unlikely that eating this snack will sustain you until your next meal. So bottom line, they were a fun and different snack. I wouldn't necessarily recommend them because I think there are other snack options that are more interesting and less expensive. For myself, I wouldn't buy them either, unless I was stuck somewhere and this was one of the only good options that were available.
  • Clover Leaf Tuna Salad Kits
    Thanks for the opportunity to try this product. I've tried the flavoured canned tuna before but it was the first time I tried the tuna salad kit. I really liked the product and I thought it was very convenient. I had the kit for lunch and completed by meal with a salad and cheese. Although I liked the product, it's probably not something I would buy on a regular basis because I can just prepare my own home-made kit and it would probably be cheaper.
  • Red palm oil
    I used red palm oil to cook fish (tuna and tilapia) and a thai curry dish. Loved the product. I was afraid that the taste would be too strong but it turned out to be very subtle. The oil did give a reddish colour to the food, but that bother me. However, I would consider that before cooking anything where colour and appearance is important. From a nutritional stand point, because of its high content of saturated fat, I would be careful to whom I would recommend it. I worked in Burkina Faso, Africa, a few years ago and we would encourage people to use it because of its high level of carotenoids -- vitamin A deficiency is an issue in that country -- and because it was a local product, thus encouraging local food production and consumption. I would definitely use the product again -- in moderation, of course -- and would love to try it in an African dish like the ones I tried in Burkina Faso.
  • Chia seeds
    I tried the Chia seeds mainly in my yogurt with fruit for breakfast or in my salads. I thought it added an interesting crunch but not so much taste. They do stick in your teeth though, so it's probably best to check your teeth before you step out! I like the fact that it's ready to use and that you don't have to grind them (like flax seed for example). I liked the product and would use it again. 4 stars out of 5.