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  • Liberté Greek Seeds & Fruit Yogourt‏
    1. What does the product taste like? What is the texture like? The product is sweet with two different textures: the yogurt is rich and smooth, while the seeds are nutty. 2. Would you use it again? I would not use this product again due to the price, as well as a dislike of the 2 textures. I'd likely prefer it without the nuts, or grinded nuts mixed in with granola that you can sprinkle on top after you open it. However, if I received this product from someone, I would not refuse it. :) 3. Would you recommend it to people? To those who don't mind the texture, I would as a dessert yogurt due to the sugar amount within the product. 4. What are your overall thoughts about the product from a healthy eating standpoint? Can fit it in occasionally as a dessert yogurt.
  • Chia seeds
    Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to sample this product. I was able to use this this product as a topping to some of my common foods, such as in oatmeal, cold cereal, with boiled green bananas, or in stews/pasta mixtures. I did as well try the product plain and noted its bland taste and nutty texture. It is an excellent way to add some nutritional benefits to foods without significantly altering the taste or texture. It also can add more visual appeal to a plate by lightly sprinkling the seeds on top of certain foods. I would definitely use this product again and refer it to others so that they may benefit as well, especially those who find difficulty with changing their diets.