How will I know when there is a product up for review?
When a campaign becomes available, you will be sent an email asking if you are interested in reviewing that particular product. If you indicate that you are interested and are selected, the product will be sent to you in the mail.

Do I have to review all the products that are offered through the product review club?
No. You are given the opportunity to opt-in only for products that you are interested in.

How do you decide which products get reviewed?
We receive requests and suggestions from members of our community who would like to learn more about certain products. We also receive offers from food companies and public relations companies but only select products that would be a good match for one of our review categories.

Do I have to create a user profile to participate in reviews?
Yes. In order to post reviews you must have a user profile. Points for completing reviews are awarded and attached to your user profile.

How can I increase my chances of getting selected to review a product?
The more reviews you do, the greater the chances of being selected to review more products. Completing reviews on time, writing good quality reviews and having a complete user profile all increase your chance of getting selected. Some reviews target certain demographics. So if you fall within the demographic category, that will increase your chance as well.

Can I recommend a product that would be valuable for the community to review?
Yes. If there is a product that you think would be beneficial for the community to review, please leave us a note at contact@confessionsofadietitian.com.