City Snacks – freeze dried fruit

A Confessions of a Dietitian member brought this product to my attention. She loves snacking on fruit and saw City Snacks freeze dried fruit at her local grocery store.

Unlike conventional dried fruit that uses heat to remove moisture, freeze drying removes moisture under pressure which results in a very different texture – one that is more crispy like a chip. Freeze drying isn’t exactly a new technique. It’s commonly used to make instant coffee but it also works well with fruit. As a result, you may start seeing freeze dried fruit on your grocery store shelves more often.

City Snacks are made of 100% fruit with nothing else added (no preservatives, no sugar and no sulphites) and are available in seven different flavours: banana, strawberry, strawberry/banana, pineapple, apple, peach and pear. They retail for approximately $1.75 for a single serving 15 gram bag and can be found at Longo’s stores in Ontario and Sobey’s and Metro stores in Quebec (as well as smaller stores and distributors).

We sent out City Snacks freeze dried pears to 24 members of the product review club to try. Check out what they thought in the comments below.

Have you tried freeze dried fruit? What did you think of it?